Point of Purchase

The display and pallets that go directly to the dealer not only interact with the consumer and the product to facilitate handling and orderly display and reduces or facilitate repositioning gondola, but also play a role in optimizing chain. From this perspective, the link between the primary container (in contact with the product), secondary packaging (corrugated box, usually) and the pallet.

Also, displays (usually printed cardboard) must comply with a growing functionality as a marketing tool and communication, which involves leveraging the largest surface area exposed to print rich graphics to complement the primary packages, being visible at a greater distance than containing containers.
Point of Purchase design for OGI
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In addition to the display , they’re called Shelf – Ready – Packaging (SRP ), a concept that focuses on optimizing the supply chain and is the hub for the distribution and sales oriented retail , based on the efficiency of handling easy secondary packaging, fast, clean, safe.

SRP system on wheeled pallets. The primary and secondary packaging complements graphically. Interpack 2008, Germany.

Display cardboard envelope of powdered dehydrated soups, Brazil.

Is increasingly applied in European markets in the field of chain outlets and self-service affordable price, and is precisely why its design is a strategic part of integrating concepts of sustainability and consumer convenience. Discarding the package should be as small as possible.

The SRP are, therefore, display high quality packaging printing, offset usually on cardboard, corrugated or micro flexo on corrugated cardboard. They should consider identification systems and allow products to be exhibited attractive and visible. Its graph complements that of sales units and the product line of the brand. Fail most visual surface to promote a greater distance in reference to hurry consumer.

The SRP has gained importance because of its potential to create efficient processes from manufacturing to its place on the shelves and should be designed to add further value by means of the processes and handling. Structurally, considered easy, quick and safe to handle by any user opening, as these outlets often have reduced labor replacement.

Supportive tray bar – Toblerone chocolates Case ordering, separated and allowed to play with the kit as a flower stem, while increasing the value of the proposed communication.

Proposal exhibitors’ trays for bulk or bagged with wheels that order and allow you to change modules rather easily. Emporio St. Lucia, Brazil.

This means incorporating, for example, in its design, features that facilitate their opening pre perforated replacing the knife used to open, damaged product by avoiding waste, reducing accidents and speeding the replacement even by consumers.

The SRP is a secondary package that optimizes the distribution of packaged products taking over at a time, ordering and display at the point of sale. Facilitates replacement, reducing costs. It tends to size the components according to a pallet transport to facilitate and optimize the transfer and reuse. Add value throughout the packaging chain, from its role in the point of sale as a strategic marketing. Finally, it must be designed as part of the system containing primary containers whose dimensions and graphics should complement.

Advertising and promotion at point of sale

Go to certain places to buy products are becoming an excellent opportunity for fun and knowledge, which makes the act of buying, becomes less and less boring. The pharmacy, at their level, can also become one of these places, but for this you need to go for a good management of advertising and promotion in the retail space.

Our customers live a visit to the pharmacy as a time of leisure and enjoyment. This requires harness the power of direct at the point of sale, dynamic sales environment and entices customers.

Because of the need to create a pleasant environment at the point of sale and setting animation techniques arise whose purpose is to attract customers but always avoiding the uncomfortable crowds.

A well conceived pharmacy, well developed, which has found its audience and its cruising speed cannot and should not abandon the monotony. Should be supported by an animation cycle to renew the interest, “pique” curiosity of customers, usually through a specific window treatment, the regular appearance of offers attractive advertising and concordance between environment internal and external, as the sale of pharmacy products and non-prescription needs constant entertainment to help you increase sales and market share.

The animation can be defined as the set of actions to provide dynamism to the point of sale, i.e. spice, encourage him to promote increased sales and number of customers.

The animation should always strive to achieve three objectives:

- Ensure that the pharmacy stand against the competition, conveying a positive image.

- Act as support to sales staff and linear in the performance of their duties.

- Promoting the attraction of the product.

The animation of the point of sale can develop through four means:

Physical environment – Using advertising in its various forms, such as displays, packaging and poster presenters, using direct mail catalogs and brochures.

Psychological means – Promotions and repetitive product placement.

Personal media – Entertainers at the point of sale

Media stimuli – You can use any technique to reach the target audience through the senses: color, light, motion, sound, touch and even scent or scents to attract attention and convey the message that way.

Recent data indicate that advertising issued by dynamic displays triples sales generated by static means

Advertising at the Point of Sale

‘Advertising at point of sale “(POS) is a name that refers to the messages created to be deployed commercially to the public who come to buy. These persuasive messages that do not use the media as intermediaries and go directly to a time when the decision is made and the product is purchased. The great advantage of this formula is its ability to influence thanks to be present during the execution of the purchase. PLV function is to convey a persuasive message that will attract people who are already at the pharmacy.

There are many media to convey a message of PLV:

- Conventional Signs.

- Posters: printed surfaces in the upper part of the exhibit.

- Displays: posters designed in rectangular form or not, generally arranged with the back foot, with the sole function of advertising to communicate a product message or specific service, basically sits at desk, straight or showcase.

- Stopper: advertising element protruding from linear.

- Traditional or light panel.

- Exhibitor or distributor of the product.

- Material animated mobile.

- Banners and other resources that are suspended and move with the air, etc.

- Dynamic Displays.

Audiovisual PLV

Special recognition is the sound or audiovisual PLV. Everyone knows the potential of dynamic advertising at point of sale. In fact, recent data indicate that it triples the static advertising sales. And it is not the same for the consumer watch the ads through traditional immobile and static media to be hit by an advertisement in constant motion. Therefore, dynamic advertising uses a set of technologies and applications that are able to emit much more attractive and direct multimedia messages.

This new way of communicating is a solution that is gaining more and more power in our country. The device where these messages are displayed is based on conventional plasma screens, connected to a virtual network or through a personal computer connected to the Internet that allows you to maintain and update the advertising content.

PVL screens are useful for issuing accurate to who, where and whenever messages. With a relatively small investment many opportunities to increase sales and promote the brand are achieved. If, in addition, part of the space is used for third party advertising, the return on investment is guaranteed.

There are several advantages over traditional static communication at point of sale:

Dynamism – Static elements of point of sale advertising used so far, besides being expensive and take up too much space, lack the immediacy of the message and the ability to impact the screens.

Flexibility – It is a flexible communication, which can be segmented and modified in real time according to the specific circumstances of the business or type of target audience at all times (health messages in times of great influx of business requirements or at other times).

Differentiation – With this type of elements that both pharmacies installed as advertised brands achieve significantly differentiated from the competition and provide customers a more satisfying shopping experience.

The key to promotion is “temporarily provide added value”, so it is especially important to consider the additional value added, or plus and the time limitation of the initiative


The concept of sales promotion supports multiple interpretations, but in a broad sense, the promotion can be defined as the set of activities that, through the use of material or financial incentives (additional value), try to stimulate directly and immediately the short-term demand for a product (temporal limitation).

The main objective is to increase sales in the short term and in a limited time. But also pursues other objectives such as:

Attracting new customers and increase the customer.

- Compensate the seasonality of certain products.

- Eliminate or reduce the stock of slow-moving items.

- Introduce a new product.

- Reply from competition.

The key to promotion is “temporarily provide added value”, so it is especially important to consider the additional value added, or plus and the time limitation of the initiative.

The added value or added plus is to give more, give an advantage to the acquisition of the product. The temporal limitation implies that value added offer for a certain period, after which the product will be offered to him.

Moreover, sales promotion is particularly suitable in some situations and discouraged in others (Table I). Among the favorable situations must emphasize:

When he intends to introduce a product in the market, i.e. when being launched. What is sought is that the consumer tries the product, which is an often offer free sample or demonstrations.

When the number of users is small. It is intended to encourage the consumer to new customers through the promotional offer, generating short-term results.

When the purchase volume is reduced. The promotion serves to entice the customer to consume and these results are achieved through the reduction of price, attractive packaging, etc.

When competition is aggressive. In a mature market like ours, promotion keeps the regulars while attracting loyal customers do not care.

Friend assortment has little turnover. Through the promotion, the product moves and avoiding damage or expirations.

Among the inappropriate situations include:

When the product is not good image. The promotion is not the ideal medium to correct this fact, indeed, may even worse, as the customer perceives that sell pharmacy only gets this way because of poor quality or market acceptance.

When the client is not represented in the product and covers your needs, which may prove futile investment. A promotion milks well planned and developed infant is likely to fail in a neighborhood of elderly population.

When the goal is customer loyalty. The promotion is a short-term action that does not guarantee fidelity. The promotion is promoting a trap that is easy to fall for that produces immediate results, but can eventually damage the product because it is given an artificial value that is only temporary.

When it is achieved that the team is involved in the promotion, and that much of the success depends on the staff that caters to the public at the pharmacy.

Types of promotions

The mechanisms used in sales promotion can be classified according to the type of value to the promoted product offering: price, species and other selected items, as summarized in Table II. – Wikipedia

Design of a sales promotion

Sales promotion cannot work miracles, so before going to schedule actions like this is useful to know what is possible to achieve objectives with sales promotion and what not (Table III).

The promotional campaign should be preceded by careful planning and a strategy must be developed to indicate the line to follow.