More infertility due to the economic crisis

The deep recession in which we find ourselves in over four years, has many effects on our lives. Most are evident with the professional and financial issues that abound. But there are more personal effects such as stress, depression and anxiety. In the intimate area these relationship problems correlate and even cause infertilityThese results are from researchers at the Sant Joan Hospital of Alicante, which have found that the economic situation worse fertility problems. The reason for this lies both in the professional and financial stress under which we suffer, and are increasingly becoming everyday worries, especially when analyzing the costs such as egg freezing costsThese factors are attacking both the female and male fertility. According to the opinion of various experts in the industrialized countries have lifestyle and quality led to a loss of quality of sperm in the industrialized countries.

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Also the pollution damages the male germ cells. Thus a much lower quality of sperm was measured as in other areas in industrial areas. In addition, the socio-economic circumstances have meant that many women still continue to move the maternity age backwards, which the probability fertility problems in addition to suffering increased.

 Although the fertility remains constant over the world and we are just as fertile as ten years ago, according to recent publications of the WHO, the number of couples seeking a fertility clinic visit, rose sharply. One of the reasons for the increased demand for artificial insemination is certainly the changing attitudes towards fertility problems. This means that in Spain, the leading country for egg donation , more and more young couples visit a fertility clinic if they feel that they might have a problem.

We have seen the affects on our personal lives that this great recession has had, now it’s beginning to be see in the ramifications for our families. There are so many other factors that are causing the decrease, in particular is the cost of doing infertility treatments when working for a fertility clinic. There are many who simply cannot afford to pay the costs required to undergo treatment. So as we analyze some of the reasons we hope our economic troubles subside, let us not dismiss the or discount the reproductive health issues this has cause. Hopefully things will get better and this will be an issue from the past shortly.

Photo Credit: Josh Liba