Fire Safety at Home, Some Helpful Tips

The most common culprit of fires are technical defects and nature (ie washing machines), lightning, flames (mainly by children playing with lighters), overheating, and even an arson fire sometimes. Such fires cause immeasurable damage without the proper safety measures such as smoke detectors. Well here are some tips from the Las Vegas fire protection to make certain you’ve got the proper safety measures prepared and ready.

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Nearly all fire deaths do not come through the fire, but because of choking on the poisonous fumes that arise during the fire. And approx. 70% have an accident at night in their homes. During the day, a fire can often be discovered quickly, at night when you’re sleeping in bed, so is your sense of smell, so the victims are surprised not noticing the fire often until it is too late.

There remains a maximum time table of 3 minutes to safely leave the house in case of fire. Smoke inhalation may already after 2 minutes be fatal. The sooner fires are detected, the easier and more effective is for the fire fighters and the lower the risk is for the residents and their property. Preventive measures can prevent fires in the home, but not entirely prevent. Each fire is due to the variety of combustible materials, its own chemical processes and operations.

  • Have smoke detectors ready: One in each hallway per floor, in each bedroom & living room. When buying them review: VDS, ISO, GS mark should be available!
  • Make certain you have a fire extinguisher in the car as well.
  • Do not rely on neighbors or pets to notice the fire for you!

Fire protection products are available in almost any hardware store.

Should it come to a fire!

  1. Keep calm, do not panic!
  2. Leave all other persons with the fastest apartment / house.
  3. Proceed with heavy smoke and crouched close to the ground!
  4. Keep doors and windows closed burning rooms to prevent the spread!
  5. Call the fire department to quickly and provide the name, address, where / what is on fire! 5 “W” questions when EMERGENCY : Where did it happen? (Name, place, street and house number, possibly floor) What happened? (What is burning, how far it has already expanded) How many injured? (Number, people are still missing) What injuries? (Severely or slightly wounded; nature of the injuries) Wait for questions! (The control center to answer all questions)

Photo Credit: Shardayyy