The Importance of Eco Travel Destinations

The awareness of the real need on the part of all citizens to take care of nature and protect the Earth’s resources, they begin to be in a situation of scarcity, is certainly growing.

Thus, both the institutional and state level and individual behaviors in reference to the environment began to be very different from those they were years ago , which is crucial not only to improve the quality of life of citizens in the present, but to make a good natural legacy for future generations of humans who inhabit the planet .

Week 8/52 - Eco Travel

Photo Credit: P Lawrence

Sustainable eco- tourism is low impact tourism on the environment and local culture, while helping to generate income and employment for local people.

This ecology has taken a significant leap from very concrete and specific behaviors of a minority, to much more widespread, especially noticeable in regard to areas of economic activity historically unconcerned with environmental protection.

In this respect we find that tourism , one of the sectors with the highest injury have exerted on the Earth through infrastructure construction or uncontrolled exploitation through numerous habitats tourist tours begin to retrain through new systems that balance profit to the protection of nature.

The so-called eco- sustainable tourism comes into play precisely at this time to educate businesses and individuals about the need to raise travel differently, especially when it comes to visiting ecologically rich areas, as with Jarabacoa, a natural beauty unmatched in the Dominican Republic.

Despite the importance of institutions and companies in the care of the environment, all the experts say that few things are more protective nature than individual habits of tourists. Thus, already looking movement through travel agents or online ads, include some basic tips when tourists become environmentally:

Find out before you travel. Find information on native populations and habitats before moving, such as the need to maintain protected waterfalls of Jarabacoa , not only get to be gained in awareness of the need for their care , but also provide specific information on how to do it besides getting to mentally be more respectful of the values ? Of those who reside in the area. Change is hosting. When searching for apartment to spend the rest days instead of lodging in major hotel chains not only be helping to spread the benefit of your stay more balanced in Jarabacoa or any place you visit , but also will show a large construction many tourists prioritize one type of construction to stay more respectful of the environment.

Opt for clean transport. Avoid further and waste gas generation is possible if you choose public transport for moving on vacation, it will emit less gases that several private cars and opting to rent bikes to get around towns and cities .

Recycle and generates little waste. Encourage the natural environment and their care is easier if in addition to not generate a lot of waste is always obtained information about recycling used it through the institutions responsible for such an undertaking. Moderate energy consumption Spending more control water and electricity will get a decrease in excessive spending Earth’s energy resources. Something simple to achieve with acts always as simple as turning off lights when leaving a room, or prioritize the shower front bathroom which always consume more liters of water.

The roads are full of vehicles occupied by one person. Which obviously is a waste of fuel CO2 emissions increased, full tracks, the stalls, and also can be tad boring? So , a few Internet companies want to use one of the most virtuous : contacting people with the same needs , in this case traveling , and also contribute daily to care a bit the atmosphere , as our heroes seem not agree on the summits for this purpose , see the latest in Durban. These are websites and social networks to share car on road trips of any length, as Blab, I drive or Share ling. Is car pooling and is part of what has been called collaborative consumption.

Is looking for a vehicle or offering himself, always specifying the date, the starting point and the destination?

Operation is simple. First arises the (OR) problems: one has to travel somewhere and either cannot drive or do not have a car, or have a car but cannot pay the tolls and petrol. Or just bored traveling alone and want to talk or meet people. The solution to all this is the same: get on the web and provide the vehicle itself or find one outside, always specifying the date, the starting point and the destination point.  for example , the website itself provides an estimate of travel expenses may be varied upwards or downwards by the advertiser , considering the extra features offered by your vehicle, or its availability to depart or leave you in the same your door .

As an example : a trip from Madrid to Oviedo on December 23 , the day before Christmas Eve , you can go on this site between 21 and 33 dollars , depending on the driver . The bus trip line, the company offers ALSA, departs between 32.44 and 51.26 dollars depending on normal or above category. Renfe train, the trip comes out to about 50 dollars. So it is true, this method is cheaper. Apparently a user to do 40 miles a day and alternate the use of your car with other users can save about 2,000 dollars a year according to company estimates.


But not only have that mattered. “Many people use this service to save, and it makes sense given the economic situation, but it is also important to begin to use for environmental protection. The citizens we have to be smarter mobility issues,” explains Vincent Rosso, director in Spain of Bla, the system they define as” eco- mobility solution efficiently.” The company was founded in France for seven years and has two in Spain. Being in three countries, also United Kingdom (although each with different names), collecting about 1.5 million users, promotes international connections. They believe that, if there are 1.2 passengers per car, as the Directorate General of Traffic, on dates as Operation Output, circulating ghostly about 130 million empty seats on Spanish roads. On their website they explain that with this method have already saved more than 200,000 tons of CO2 discharged into the environment.

Following a few tips can significantly reduce the environmental impact of travel and stay in the destination

Traveling can be a very harmful activity to the environment if you do not take the necessary measures. Pollutant emissions of greenhouse gases from vehicles or airplanes, production and abandonment of waste in the environment, or damage to natural ecosystems can be avoided or reduced with the implementation of some environmental tips. The friendly travel environment, as well as a good alternative for those who are tired of the conventional mass tourism, offering a pleasant and in harmony with the environment, allowing know the culture, customs, cuisine and traditions of local populations.

Reduce pollution in the displacement

Road transport is the sector that has increased its emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2), the main greenhouse gas. According to the Metropolitan Mobility Observatory, under the Ministry of Environment, the growth of total greenhouse emissions in Spain is mainly for carrying passengers and goods by road, where demand is growing faster than energy efficiency. 1 liter of fuel burns implies emission of 2.3 kg. Of CO2 to the atmosphere

In this sense, remember Ecologists in Action burning 1 liter of fuel is the emission of 2.3 kg. Of CO2 to the atmosphere. Therefore advise when making a move using the bus or train, or in general, any means to avoid the private car, more so when most of the times are typically used by a single occupant. With proper planning, public transportation can take us to our destination in a green, cheap and sustainable.

Likewise, an environmentally friendly and healthy to travel, especially in the summer holidays, is the bicycle. The practice of cycling allows its users to enjoy the scenery, natural reach places inaccessible to a car, set the pace that suits everyone, and ultimately, prevents the emission of polluting gases. For example, a bike path which is becoming more popular is the Camino de Santiago.

Finally, if you opt for the car, a good option to reduce possible contamination is to use a hybrid car (half electric half gasoline) or one prepared to consume biodiesel. The consumer may also, at the time of purchase or lease a vehicle, require the same energy rating to see if it is a more or less polluting. And once on the road, we need to know a few simple tips on efficient driving, as well inflate wheels, maintaining an appropriate speed, not to abuse the climate, etc. , Which will help save on fuel , and therefore reduce emissions.

As for the use of the plane, remember that it is also an important source of emissions of greenhouse gases, so far as possible it is advisable to moderate your usage, looking for other alternatives.

In any case, consumers can offset the amount of polluting gases produced when traveling in such transport. For this, various initiatives, such as the association Ekopass, to calculate these emissions and offset them by renewable energy, energy efficiency and carbon sinks.

Vacation without leaving home

If you travel by car or plane is a way to contribute to polluting the environment, you can do without them taking a “vacation home”. In this sense, with the money saved on travel, consumers can be entertained in their own city with parks, museums, cultural activities, restaurants, etc., Harder to enjoy during the rest of the year. In some cases, you can even discover unknown corners, becoming a tourist in your own city.


Also, an option that is increasingly gaining more followers is called “Slow Travel “, especially suitable for consumers tired of the tourist packages that challenge to visit ” 10 cities in 10 days.”

Eco tourism

Lately it has become fashionable eco-tourism, although many people were unaware those 20 years ago and had its period of success. Doing activities that do not harm the environment is the main objective of this type of tourism, as well as being icon lets you enjoy the wonderful nature that we have.

Many features are common ecotourism with adventure, but really not the same, because here the aim is to educate people about how bad we treat our environment on many occasions, and proposed activities that help keep much better and at the same time are funs. Notes busting tips for ecotourism:

- There is no place in particular set to become an eco-tourist, you can begin to travel in transport that does not pollute the environment and if you fly that is not a very long flight.

- Choose natural destinations in that you will not consume electricity, such as stepping out site. Yes, that is one tent and a small fire every night, because if you go to a cabin also is consuming electricity.

- Would you be able to do without moving all your vacation? Not only would avoid waves transmit your phone for a few days but in the end what you thank surely, is that a few days without knowing the outside world are great.

- Perform activities to keep you in touch with nature, such as horseback riding, canoeing and hiking. With any of them discover the wonderful scenery there and learn to value them more. – Wikipedia

In case you have any doubt, the International Ecotourism Society offers plenty of alternatives to traditional travel worldwide have centers that can help you plan your Eco vacation.