How to Transition an Aging Parent to Assisted Living?

We often heard our elders say that they wish to age in their own place. So the question becomes when is the right time to move your aging parent into an assisted living area? Elders have the desire to spend their older days in a place that makes them feel safe, and when they reach a certain age assisted living often becomes the best solution. With a number of reliable home care facilities and visiting nurse and physician programs, granting their wishes is remarkably a good idea.

A day in our life will come when we need to decide on moving our elders to an assisted living. It is encouraged that adult children and members of the family should be knowledgeable of the local alternatives in the community. Do not allow an unavoidable circumstance to occur when you need to hurriedly rush your seniors into an assisted living facility. Below is the article which will offer primary considerations in moving to an assisted living.

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Below are some of the important considerations when deciding to move your aging parent in an assisted living facility:

• Health. One of the ways to start contemplating of moving your parent to an assisted living is when he/she is diagnosed with degenerative disease. In the early stage of this disease, include your parent with the decision making through discussing with them about your plans of action. It is difficult to accept the reality but their involvement in the choice is a great help to your their adjustment.

• Safety. When you think that the visiting nurse service cannot meet the expected level of care or if your parent feels unsafe in their present home environment would be necessary to move them in a safe facility like assisted living.

• Your elder’s social needs. Your parent also has a need to interact with others. The feeling of being alone plus the loss of mobility and health, spouse or friends would make them more depressed. When you are concern with this need, it is the time to consider them in moving to an assisted living.

• Your capacity. Evaluate yourself and your capacity including those around in your circle of care. Carefully assess if you have enough time and physical capability to care and assist your parent in addition with your own responsibility at home or at work.

When you think about your parent’s need for an assisted living atmosphere, consider factors such as their health, safety, social needs and your capacity.

Below are some of the ways to assist you in choosing and moving in an assisted living facility:

  • Have a talk or discussion with your parent’s doctor, colleagues or friends to solicit their recommendations or opinions.
  • Take time to review the offered options from ALFA. Know what to look for in an assisted living facility and locate some in your community.
  • Develop a list of possible facilities.
  • Allow your parent to choose his or her own room if possible. Develop a personalized space so that they would feel that the area is just an extension of their own home.
  • Create a list if criteria when choosing a facility such as cost, quality and geographic location. Also, you may want to know if the facility valued mobility and independence. It is also a good idea to assess if it offers senior-friendly computers and other activities offered apart from music, bingo or art. Likewise, consider your parent’s important features when deciding.
  • Allow your parents an ample time to adjust in their new way of living in the assisted facility. Your availability and support are also necessary as well as to listen and advocate if needed.
  • Develop a building trust and confidence with the staff and members of the assisted facility. Have a contact and personally visit the top 3 choices in your list. You need to establish a reliable reference rather than being persuaded by attractive ads and promotions. Make interactions and schedule a visit to know about residents and staff. Have a constant communication with your key contact. All the information gathered are a great help to establish trust and feel comfortable with the new environment.

The Assisted Living Federation of America (ALFA) is a significant reference or resource for families.


Why replace your water heater, when you may be able to repair?

water heater repairWater heater replacement can be expensive. A full water heater replacement is an absolute solution to your water heater problems, some water heater difficulties can easily be fixed without calling a plumber. See your best plumber in St George for all of your plumbing needs including your water heater.

Older hot water heaters may only need a little bit of tender loving care. Most water heater replacement parts are available at the local hardware store, and a few common tools are all that’s needed.

Below, are five difficulties that can be easily fixed by home owners with a bit of time and elbow grease:

  1. Water is no longer hot: First, check the pilot light. If the pilot is on, the gas coupler to the main heater may need to be replaced. However, if the pilot light continues to go out after being relit, the water heater control valve could be at fault. On electric water heaters, the upper heating element or the thermostat may need to be replaced.
  2. Rust-colored water: All water heaters carry a sacrificial anode rod that slowly dissolves to prevent rust from collecting inside the tank. Once the rod is gone, rust will begin to show in tap and shower water. Replacing the rod will fix this issue.
  3. Foul-smelling water: This is the sign of a bacterial infection. A small leak in a municipal water system can allow contaminates to reach home water heaters. The most common smell is of rotten eggs. These bacteria feed on the hydrogen gas that occurs as the anode rod does its job to prevent rust. A full flush of the water tank will correct the problem. Assuming a common household 40 gallon tank, 2 pints of 3 percent hydrogen peroxide solution should be added to fresh water. Let this solution sit in the tank for 2 hours before refilling it with water. If the problem persists, a zinc alloy anode rod may need to be used to reduce the amount of hydrogen in the tank.
  4. Noises inside the water heater: The water may be boiling inside the water tank due to a build-up of sediment at the bottom of the tank. A full flush of the water heater should remove this build-up. Whining noises from electric water heaters are the result of sediment buildup on the heater elements. Removal and a good cleaning of the electric elements will resolve this issue.
  5. Water Leaks: If the water in the tank is overheating, the relief valve will safely release the excess of boiling water, allowing the tank pressure to be reduced. Changing the thermostat to a lower setting should resolve this problem. Caution is needed, as the relief valve is a critical part of the safe operation of the tank. To be sure, the valve might also need to be replaced.

If water leaks appear from beneath the water heater or appear to be brown or rust colored, these may indicate a more severe problem and this could mean that there is a hole in the tank due to corrosion and age. If this is the case, a water tank replacement is actually needed. Otherwise, these simple maintenance tips should allow for the continued use of your water heater.

Care Tips for More Independence in Daily Life

The number of people who have experienced dementia, has now increased. Many very old people belong to it, but also people who are not that old. Common to all is that most of them, as much as 80%, can be cared for at home. Often those who endure dementia must spend at least a portion of their time in a senior living center.

Caregivers take care of day and night – always and forever-to their dementia patients. This everyday life, which is entirely under the sign of dementia requires a lot of use by caregivers. However, it can be a lot easier, the more tips and tricks you meet in the course of a “nursing career”.

A Geordie Senior Citizen

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My goal with these lines is to give you as many care tips from practice for practice, so you can as much as possible benefit from the knowledge of professionals, I am happy that I am supported by my nursing blog from my daughter in law, the learned geriatric nurse is .

Our Assisted Living Care:

  • Talk openly with your dementia patients about his situation and thus also on the common fate!
  • Involve stakeholders in your decisions with a!
  • Convey him to even the feeling of belonging to it!
  • Transferring it to him small tasks!

The “still needed” is an important element when it comes to happiness and life satisfaction. People who are no longer feel needed with himself and the world very dissatisfied. This can be seen in a general bad mood. Aggression and depression can be the result. With prudence and targeted tasks, you can prevent that. Thus, for the dementia patients the opportunity to do tasks in the household, by dusting on laundry care, to cooking and crafts and handicrafts. It is important that there are tasks that prepare the person concerned joy and the best part of the normal scope of duties of a man. The Gerontopädagogik speaks in this case of the so-called normality principle: no special tasks, but everyday tasks!

Support in this regard can be obtained from a specially developed to deal with people suffering from dementia structural assistance in the form of a Day Planner. This shows the sufferers which is a while to do and by whom. He can see and identify what is to be done or what he has already done, even if he has forgotten it again. Due to the non-verbal signals about the day planner will save you as caring members of many words and many instructions.
Affected parties can turn independent and self-determined act. This increases his self-confidence and lifts your mood.

To facilitate and of the whole family together and provide more satisfaction for all parties involved.

We wish you much success doing things with others

Fire Safety at Home, Some Helpful Tips

The most common culprit of fires are technical defects and nature (ie washing machines), lightning, flames (mainly by children playing with lighters), overheating, and even an arson fire sometimes. Such fires cause immeasurable damage without the proper safety measures such as smoke detectors. Well here are some tips from the Las Vegas fire protection to make certain you’ve got the proper safety measures prepared and ready.

24/365 - 10/21/09 [365 Days @ 50mm] - Fire Extinguisher

Nearly all fire deaths do not come through the fire, but because of choking on the poisonous fumes that arise during the fire. And approx. 70% have an accident at night in their homes. During the day, a fire can often be discovered quickly, at night when you’re sleeping in bed, so is your sense of smell, so the victims are surprised not noticing the fire often until it is too late.

There remains a maximum time table of 3 minutes to safely leave the house in case of fire. Smoke inhalation may already after 2 minutes be fatal. The sooner fires are detected, the easier and more effective is for the fire fighters and the lower the risk is for the residents and their property. Preventive measures can prevent fires in the home, but not entirely prevent. Each fire is due to the variety of combustible materials, its own chemical processes and operations.

  • Have smoke detectors ready: One in each hallway per floor, in each bedroom & living room. When buying them review: VDS, ISO, GS mark should be available!
  • Make certain you have a fire extinguisher in the car as well.
  • Do not rely on neighbors or pets to notice the fire for you!

Fire protection products are available in almost any hardware store.

Should it come to a fire!

  1. Keep calm, do not panic!
  2. Leave all other persons with the fastest apartment / house.
  3. Proceed with heavy smoke and crouched close to the ground!
  4. Keep doors and windows closed burning rooms to prevent the spread!
  5. Call the fire department to quickly and provide the name, address, where / what is on fire! 5 “W” questions when EMERGENCY : Where did it happen? (Name, place, street and house number, possibly floor) What happened? (What is burning, how far it has already expanded) How many injured? (Number, people are still missing) What injuries? (Severely or slightly wounded; nature of the injuries) Wait for questions! (The control center to answer all questions)

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100 years powder extinguisher

100 years ago, the “International Fire Society” presented the first “quick-dry fire extinguisher.” Since then, the useful devices have deleted countless fires and saved lives. Seeing these things when looking for some Las Vegas fire extinguishers, I realized that we are so lucky  to live when we do, to have witnessed so many lives being spared because of health policy’s like these.

Fire Extinguisher

For dangerous situations

Of course, technology and applications of fire extinguishers have evolved since then. Fire Class A, B, C or D: If it is necessary to extinguish a fire in the formation, so it in the traditional sense of the word gets tough, we take for granted the distinctive red-steel cylinders. In restaurant kitchens, workshops, offices, fire extinguishers are mandatory – and many people do not want to do without them even in private homes.

Extinguish fire – but how?

But it was fiddled long. For since man handled with fire, it is always produced the same question: How do I get it out again? Among the classics of fire fighting equipment should include water. That the element of water is contrary to the element of fire, our ancestors already knew thousands of years ago. At hand they had not yet. Hand spraying of water on glass beads, to chemical substances, to water vapor apparatuses were their inventions, and were sometimes less than successful.

Operating principles of modern fire extinguishers

Today there are a variety of mobile fire extinguishers for different applications and fire ratings. When the foam extinguisher extinguishing effect is based, for example, that the foam forms a stable re-ignition of the fire retardant film and suffocated. Also CO 2 extinguishers have a suffocating effect. However, the mechanism of action is different: Since carbon dioxide is about 1.5 times heavier than air, it spreads from the floor above the fire and prevents the access of oxygen. The quenching effect of modern chemical powder is due to the anti-catalytic activity of the powder to the combustion process.

Let us hope that our fire extinguisher technology continues to progress and additional health policy’s are created to increase the safety of our children and their children.

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More infertility due to the economic crisis

The deep recession in which we find ourselves in over four years, has many effects on our lives. Most are evident with the professional and financial issues that abound. But there are more personal effects such as stress, depression and anxiety. In the intimate area these relationship problems correlate and even cause infertilityThese results are from researchers at the Sant Joan Hospital of Alicante, which have found that the economic situation worse fertility problems. The reason for this lies both in the professional and financial stress under which we suffer, and are increasingly becoming everyday worries, especially when analyzing the costs such as egg freezing costsThese factors are attacking both the female and male fertility. According to the opinion of various experts in the industrialized countries have lifestyle and quality led to a loss of quality of sperm in the industrialized countries.

Jonathan & Bridget + Love Story

Also the pollution damages the male germ cells. Thus a much lower quality of sperm was measured as in other areas in industrial areas. In addition, the socio-economic circumstances have meant that many women still continue to move the maternity age backwards, which the probability fertility problems in addition to suffering increased.

 Although the fertility remains constant over the world and we are just as fertile as ten years ago, according to recent publications of the WHO, the number of couples seeking a fertility clinic visit, rose sharply. One of the reasons for the increased demand for artificial insemination is certainly the changing attitudes towards fertility problems. This means that in Spain, the leading country for egg donation , more and more young couples visit a fertility clinic if they feel that they might have a problem.

We have seen the affects on our personal lives that this great recession has had, now it’s beginning to be see in the ramifications for our families. There are so many other factors that are causing the decrease, in particular is the cost of doing infertility treatments when working for a fertility clinic. There are many who simply cannot afford to pay the costs required to undergo treatment. So as we analyze some of the reasons we hope our economic troubles subside, let us not dismiss the or discount the reproductive health issues this has cause. Hopefully things will get better and this will be an issue from the past shortly.

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In Vitro Fertilization Basics

With in-vitro fertilization, the fertilization of the egg takes place not within the body of a woman, but outside – and as the name suggests – in a glass bowl. This procedure is used when an insemination in a natural way is not possible or has been unsuccessful. There are various causes, including blocked fallopian tubes, endometriosis or things that cause a man’s fertility to reduce.

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Preconditions for the feasibility of in vitro fertilization are healthy, functioning ovaries and a good quality of male sperm. If the conditions above, the ovaries of women are initially excited by hormone therapy to increased egg production. The goal is to produce as many mature eggs as possible. When the moment of ovulation comes, the doctor then remove the fertilized egg cells. After which the eggs are combined with sperm in parallel to produce the partner in a glass bowl. The glass bowl is a special nutrient solution which serves the development of the eggs. The fertilization of the egg by a sperm each is entirely without instrumental aid. By cell division have developed after a few days of the fertilized eggs, the embryos are now carefully inserted into catheter, into the uterus. When embryo transfer between one and three embryos are used to increase the chance of pregnancy. The embryos need a few days until they have settled into the uterine lining. Be a nestle all embryos, it comes to multiple pregnancies, which occur frequently in the method of InVitro fertilization.

In the time of  fertilization special care and protection of the woman is displayed. After embryo transfer, the woman receives special luteum hormones to support the embryo growth. After two to three weeks you can find through a pregnancy test whether vitro fertilization was successful. The chances of pregnancy by means of the in vitro method vary between 25 to 30 percent.

Like all medical interventions, In Vitro Fertilization also carries certain risks. These include hormonal hyperstimulation, which can lead to an enlargement of the ovary. Under certain conditions, the insurance companies take 50% of the cost of an in-vitro fertilization. Some private health insurance companies, however, are ready for a complete takeover of the costs.

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Infertility Causes

Infertility is a widespread problem. Many couples may have a difficult time being able to fulfill their wish to be parents. There are many reasons and causes of infertility and here we will just focus on a handful of the many. Age is a big factor especially in women, and there are many other health considerations with regards to both men and women that affect fertility, so these are the kind of things that you’ll need to be aware of when visiting a infertility clinic.

A distinction is often made ​​between various causes of infertilityThe causes are often in women hormonal imbalances, a blocked fallopian tubes, a genetic defect, pernicious anemia or a sexually transmitted disease. And there are also under-or overweight, and drug abuse lead to infertility.

sleeping sam

Male infertility is mainly dependent on the quality of its seeds, which are often too slow. The quality of seeds is influenced by similar factors. Thus, for example, carries drug or alcohol abuse, and occupational exposure to pollutants in the deterioration. Various diseases such as mumps, abdominal and inguinal testes and vitamin B12 deficiency can also lead to infertility. Briefly, the quality can suffer also from a sauna or hot tub visit, as the above average heat, the sperm may be destroyed. While the aforementioned factors likely to affect the quality, the causes of a slow to seed transport should be considered. The most common problem is the well-known disease impotence. The man’s erection can not provide the sufficient amount of sperm it requires. Also, some men suffer from the disease retrograde ejaculation, which misleads the man’s sperm into the urinary bladder.

In order to increase fertility relatively simply, there are several possibilities; excessive nicotine should be avoided and a BMI be aimed at 18 to 30. Women can also take hormones and men can use a sexual enhancer for treatment. In some cases, such as a blocked fallopian tubes, surgery can help. The best chances for pregnancy provides artificial insemination , is inserted directly into the uterus in the treated sperm of the partner.

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