100 years powder extinguisher

100 years ago, the “International Fire Society” presented the first “quick-dry fire extinguisher.” Since then, the useful devices have deleted countless fires and saved lives. Seeing these things when looking for some Las Vegas fire extinguishers, I realized that we are so lucky  to live when we do, to have witnessed so many lives being spared because of health policy’s like these.

Fire Extinguisher

For dangerous situations

Of course, technology and applications of fire extinguishers have evolved since then. Fire Class A, B, C or D: If it is necessary to extinguish a fire in the formation, so it in the traditional sense of the word gets tough, we take for granted the distinctive red-steel cylinders. In restaurant kitchens, workshops, offices, fire extinguishers are mandatory – and many people do not want to do without them even in private homes.

Extinguish fire – but how?

But it was fiddled long. For since man handled with fire, it is always produced the same question: How do I get it out again? Among the classics of fire fighting equipment should include water. That the element of water is contrary to the element of fire, our ancestors already knew thousands of years ago. At hand they had not yet. Hand spraying of water on glass beads, to chemical substances, to water vapor apparatuses were their inventions, and were sometimes less than successful.

Operating principles of modern fire extinguishers

Today there are a variety of mobile fire extinguishers for different applications and fire ratings. When the foam extinguisher extinguishing effect is based, for example, that the foam forms a stable re-ignition of the fire retardant film and suffocated. Also CO 2 extinguishers have a suffocating effect. However, the mechanism of action is different: Since carbon dioxide is about 1.5 times heavier than air, it spreads from the floor above the fire and prevents the access of oxygen. The quenching effect of modern chemical powder is due to the anti-catalytic activity of the powder to the combustion process.

Let us hope that our fire extinguisher technology continues to progress and additional health policy’s are created to increase the safety of our children and their children.

Photo Credit: Sang Valte