How to Transition an Aging Parent to Assisted Living?

We often heard our elders say that they wish to age in their own place. So the question becomes when is the right time to move your aging parent into an assisted living area? Elders have the desire to spend their older days in a place that makes them feel safe, and when they reach a certain age assisted living often becomes the best solution. With a number of reliable home care facilities and visiting nurse and physician programs, granting their wishes is remarkably a good idea.

A day in our life will come when we need to decide on moving our elders to an assisted living. It is encouraged that adult children and members of the family should be knowledgeable of the local alternatives in the community. Do not allow an unavoidable circumstance to occur when you need to hurriedly rush your seniors into an assisted living facility. Below is the article which will offer primary considerations in moving to an assisted living.

Elderly man portrait close up
Photo Credit: Pedro Ribeiro Simões

Below are some of the important considerations when deciding to move your aging parent in an assisted living facility:

• Health. One of the ways to start contemplating of moving your parent to an assisted living is when he/she is diagnosed with degenerative disease. In the early stage of this disease, include your parent with the decision making through discussing with them about your plans of action. It is difficult to accept the reality but their involvement in the choice is a great help to your their adjustment.

• Safety. When you think that the visiting nurse service cannot meet the expected level of care or if your parent feels unsafe in their present home environment would be necessary to move them in a safe facility like assisted living.

• Your elder’s social needs. Your parent also has a need to interact with others. The feeling of being alone plus the loss of mobility and health, spouse or friends would make them more depressed. When you are concern with this need, it is the time to consider them in moving to an assisted living.

• Your capacity. Evaluate yourself and your capacity including those around in your circle of care. Carefully assess if you have enough time and physical capability to care and assist your parent in addition with your own responsibility at home or at work.

When you think about your parent’s need for an assisted living atmosphere, consider factors such as their health, safety, social needs and your capacity.

Below are some of the ways to assist you in choosing and moving in an assisted living facility:

  • Have a talk or discussion with your parent’s doctor, colleagues or friends to solicit their recommendations or opinions.
  • Take time to review the offered options from ALFA. Know what to look for in an assisted living facility and locate some in your community.
  • Develop a list of possible facilities.
  • Allow your parent to choose his or her own room if possible. Develop a personalized space so that they would feel that the area is just an extension of their own home.
  • Create a list if criteria when choosing a facility such as cost, quality and geographic location. Also, you may want to know if the facility valued mobility and independence. It is also a good idea to assess if it offers senior-friendly computers and other activities offered apart from music, bingo or art. Likewise, consider your parent’s important features when deciding.
  • Allow your parents an ample time to adjust in their new way of living in the assisted facility. Your availability and support are also necessary as well as to listen and advocate if needed.
  • Develop a building trust and confidence with the staff and members of the assisted facility. Have a contact and personally visit the top 3 choices in your list. You need to establish a reliable reference rather than being persuaded by attractive ads and promotions. Make interactions and schedule a visit to know about residents and staff. Have a constant communication with your key contact. All the information gathered are a great help to establish trust and feel comfortable with the new environment.

The Assisted Living Federation of America (ALFA) is a significant reference or resource for families.


Why replace your water heater, when you may be able to repair?

water heater repairWater heater replacement can be expensive. A full water heater replacement is an absolute solution to your water heater problems, some water heater difficulties can easily be fixed without calling a plumber. See your best plumber in St George for all of your plumbing needs including your water heater.

Older hot water heaters may only need a little bit of tender loving care. Most water heater replacement parts are available at the local hardware store, and a few common tools are all that’s needed.

Below, are five difficulties that can be easily fixed by home owners with a bit of time and elbow grease:

  1. Water is no longer hot: First, check the pilot light. If the pilot is on, the gas coupler to the main heater may need to be replaced. However, if the pilot light continues to go out after being relit, the water heater control valve could be at fault. On electric water heaters, the upper heating element or the thermostat may need to be replaced.
  2. Rust-colored water: All water heaters carry a sacrificial anode rod that slowly dissolves to prevent rust from collecting inside the tank. Once the rod is gone, rust will begin to show in tap and shower water. Replacing the rod will fix this issue.
  3. Foul-smelling water: This is the sign of a bacterial infection. A small leak in a municipal water system can allow contaminates to reach home water heaters. The most common smell is of rotten eggs. These bacteria feed on the hydrogen gas that occurs as the anode rod does its job to prevent rust. A full flush of the water tank will correct the problem. Assuming a common household 40 gallon tank, 2 pints of 3 percent hydrogen peroxide solution should be added to fresh water. Let this solution sit in the tank for 2 hours before refilling it with water. If the problem persists, a zinc alloy anode rod may need to be used to reduce the amount of hydrogen in the tank.
  4. Noises inside the water heater: The water may be boiling inside the water tank due to a build-up of sediment at the bottom of the tank. A full flush of the water heater should remove this build-up. Whining noises from electric water heaters are the result of sediment buildup on the heater elements. Removal and a good cleaning of the electric elements will resolve this issue.
  5. Water Leaks: If the water in the tank is overheating, the relief valve will safely release the excess of boiling water, allowing the tank pressure to be reduced. Changing the thermostat to a lower setting should resolve this problem. Caution is needed, as the relief valve is a critical part of the safe operation of the tank. To be sure, the valve might also need to be replaced.

If water leaks appear from beneath the water heater or appear to be brown or rust colored, these may indicate a more severe problem and this could mean that there is a hole in the tank due to corrosion and age. If this is the case, a water tank replacement is actually needed. Otherwise, these simple maintenance tips should allow for the continued use of your water heater.

Care Tips for More Independence in Daily Life

The number of people who have experienced dementia, has now increased. Many very old people belong to it, but also people who are not that old. Common to all is that most of them, as much as 80%, can be cared for at home. Often those who endure dementia must spend at least a portion of their time in a senior living center.

Caregivers take care of day and night – always and forever-to their dementia patients. This everyday life, which is entirely under the sign of dementia requires a lot of use by caregivers. However, it can be a lot easier, the more tips and tricks you meet in the course of a “nursing career”.

A Geordie Senior Citizen

Photo Credit: Sunwalk999

My goal with these lines is to give you as many care tips from practice for practice, so you can as much as possible benefit from the knowledge of professionals, I am happy that I am supported by my nursing blog from my daughter in law, the learned geriatric nurse is .

Our Assisted Living Care:

  • Talk openly with your dementia patients about his situation and thus also on the common fate!
  • Involve stakeholders in your decisions with a!
  • Convey him to even the feeling of belonging to it!
  • Transferring it to him small tasks!

The “still needed” is an important element when it comes to happiness and life satisfaction. People who are no longer feel needed with himself and the world very dissatisfied. This can be seen in a general bad mood. Aggression and depression can be the result. With prudence and targeted tasks, you can prevent that. Thus, for the dementia patients the opportunity to do tasks in the household, by dusting on laundry care, to cooking and crafts and handicrafts. It is important that there are tasks that prepare the person concerned joy and the best part of the normal scope of duties of a man. The Gerontopädagogik speaks in this case of the so-called normality principle: no special tasks, but everyday tasks!

Support in this regard can be obtained from a specially developed to deal with people suffering from dementia structural assistance in the form of a Day Planner. This shows the sufferers which is a while to do and by whom. He can see and identify what is to be done or what he has already done, even if he has forgotten it again. Due to the non-verbal signals about the day planner will save you as caring members of many words and many instructions.
Affected parties can turn independent and self-determined act. This increases his self-confidence and lifts your mood.

To facilitate and of the whole family together and provide more satisfaction for all parties involved.

We wish you much success doing things with others

Point of Purchase

The display and pallets that go directly to the dealer not only interact with the consumer and the product to facilitate handling and orderly display and reduces or facilitate repositioning gondola, but also play a role in optimizing chain. From this perspective, the link between the primary container (in contact with the product), secondary packaging (corrugated box, usually) and the pallet.

Also, displays (usually printed cardboard) must comply with a growing functionality as a marketing tool and communication, which involves leveraging the largest surface area exposed to print rich graphics to complement the primary packages, being visible at a greater distance than containing containers.
Point of Purchase design for OGI
Photo Credit: Grain
In addition to the display , they’re called Shelf – Ready – Packaging (SRP ), a concept that focuses on optimizing the supply chain and is the hub for the distribution and sales oriented retail , based on the efficiency of handling easy secondary packaging, fast, clean, safe.

SRP system on wheeled pallets. The primary and secondary packaging complements graphically. Interpack 2008, Germany.

Display cardboard envelope of powdered dehydrated soups, Brazil.

Is increasingly applied in European markets in the field of chain outlets and self-service affordable price, and is precisely why its design is a strategic part of integrating concepts of sustainability and consumer convenience. Discarding the package should be as small as possible.

The SRP are, therefore, display high quality packaging printing, offset usually on cardboard, corrugated or micro flexo on corrugated cardboard. They should consider identification systems and allow products to be exhibited attractive and visible. Its graph complements that of sales units and the product line of the brand. Fail most visual surface to promote a greater distance in reference to hurry consumer.

The SRP has gained importance because of its potential to create efficient processes from manufacturing to its place on the shelves and should be designed to add further value by means of the processes and handling. Structurally, considered easy, quick and safe to handle by any user opening, as these outlets often have reduced labor replacement.

Supportive tray bar – Toblerone chocolates Case ordering, separated and allowed to play with the kit as a flower stem, while increasing the value of the proposed communication.

Proposal exhibitors’ trays for bulk or bagged with wheels that order and allow you to change modules rather easily. Emporio St. Lucia, Brazil.

This means incorporating, for example, in its design, features that facilitate their opening pre perforated replacing the knife used to open, damaged product by avoiding waste, reducing accidents and speeding the replacement even by consumers.

The SRP is a secondary package that optimizes the distribution of packaged products taking over at a time, ordering and display at the point of sale. Facilitates replacement, reducing costs. It tends to size the components according to a pallet transport to facilitate and optimize the transfer and reuse. Add value throughout the packaging chain, from its role in the point of sale as a strategic marketing. Finally, it must be designed as part of the system containing primary containers whose dimensions and graphics should complement.

Advertising and promotion at point of sale

Go to certain places to buy products are becoming an excellent opportunity for fun and knowledge, which makes the act of buying, becomes less and less boring. The pharmacy, at their level, can also become one of these places, but for this you need to go for a good management of advertising and promotion in the retail space.

Our customers live a visit to the pharmacy as a time of leisure and enjoyment. This requires harness the power of direct at the point of sale, dynamic sales environment and entices customers.

Because of the need to create a pleasant environment at the point of sale and setting animation techniques arise whose purpose is to attract customers but always avoiding the uncomfortable crowds.

A well conceived pharmacy, well developed, which has found its audience and its cruising speed cannot and should not abandon the monotony. Should be supported by an animation cycle to renew the interest, “pique” curiosity of customers, usually through a specific window treatment, the regular appearance of offers attractive advertising and concordance between environment internal and external, as the sale of pharmacy products and non-prescription needs constant entertainment to help you increase sales and market share.

The animation can be defined as the set of actions to provide dynamism to the point of sale, i.e. spice, encourage him to promote increased sales and number of customers.

The animation should always strive to achieve three objectives:

- Ensure that the pharmacy stand against the competition, conveying a positive image.

- Act as support to sales staff and linear in the performance of their duties.

- Promoting the attraction of the product.

The animation of the point of sale can develop through four means:

Physical environment – Using advertising in its various forms, such as displays, packaging and poster presenters, using direct mail catalogs and brochures.

Psychological means – Promotions and repetitive product placement.

Personal media – Entertainers at the point of sale

Media stimuli – You can use any technique to reach the target audience through the senses: color, light, motion, sound, touch and even scent or scents to attract attention and convey the message that way.

Recent data indicate that advertising issued by dynamic displays triples sales generated by static means

Advertising at the Point of Sale

‘Advertising at point of sale “(POS) is a name that refers to the messages created to be deployed commercially to the public who come to buy. These persuasive messages that do not use the media as intermediaries and go directly to a time when the decision is made and the product is purchased. The great advantage of this formula is its ability to influence thanks to be present during the execution of the purchase. PLV function is to convey a persuasive message that will attract people who are already at the pharmacy.

There are many media to convey a message of PLV:

- Conventional Signs.

- Posters: printed surfaces in the upper part of the exhibit.

- Displays: posters designed in rectangular form or not, generally arranged with the back foot, with the sole function of advertising to communicate a product message or specific service, basically sits at desk, straight or showcase.

- Stopper: advertising element protruding from linear.

- Traditional or light panel.

- Exhibitor or distributor of the product.

- Material animated mobile.

- Banners and other resources that are suspended and move with the air, etc.

- Dynamic Displays.

Audiovisual PLV

Special recognition is the sound or audiovisual PLV. Everyone knows the potential of dynamic advertising at point of sale. In fact, recent data indicate that it triples the static advertising sales. And it is not the same for the consumer watch the ads through traditional immobile and static media to be hit by an advertisement in constant motion. Therefore, dynamic advertising uses a set of technologies and applications that are able to emit much more attractive and direct multimedia messages.

This new way of communicating is a solution that is gaining more and more power in our country. The device where these messages are displayed is based on conventional plasma screens, connected to a virtual network or through a personal computer connected to the Internet that allows you to maintain and update the advertising content.

PVL screens are useful for issuing accurate to who, where and whenever messages. With a relatively small investment many opportunities to increase sales and promote the brand are achieved. If, in addition, part of the space is used for third party advertising, the return on investment is guaranteed.

There are several advantages over traditional static communication at point of sale:

Dynamism – Static elements of point of sale advertising used so far, besides being expensive and take up too much space, lack the immediacy of the message and the ability to impact the screens.

Flexibility – It is a flexible communication, which can be segmented and modified in real time according to the specific circumstances of the business or type of target audience at all times (health messages in times of great influx of business requirements or at other times).

Differentiation – With this type of elements that both pharmacies installed as advertised brands achieve significantly differentiated from the competition and provide customers a more satisfying shopping experience.

The key to promotion is “temporarily provide added value”, so it is especially important to consider the additional value added, or plus and the time limitation of the initiative


The concept of sales promotion supports multiple interpretations, but in a broad sense, the promotion can be defined as the set of activities that, through the use of material or financial incentives (additional value), try to stimulate directly and immediately the short-term demand for a product (temporal limitation).

The main objective is to increase sales in the short term and in a limited time. But also pursues other objectives such as:

Attracting new customers and increase the customer.

- Compensate the seasonality of certain products.

- Eliminate or reduce the stock of slow-moving items.

- Introduce a new product.

- Reply from competition.

The key to promotion is “temporarily provide added value”, so it is especially important to consider the additional value added, or plus and the time limitation of the initiative.

The added value or added plus is to give more, give an advantage to the acquisition of the product. The temporal limitation implies that value added offer for a certain period, after which the product will be offered to him.

Moreover, sales promotion is particularly suitable in some situations and discouraged in others (Table I). Among the favorable situations must emphasize:

When he intends to introduce a product in the market, i.e. when being launched. What is sought is that the consumer tries the product, which is an often offer free sample or demonstrations.

When the number of users is small. It is intended to encourage the consumer to new customers through the promotional offer, generating short-term results.

When the purchase volume is reduced. The promotion serves to entice the customer to consume and these results are achieved through the reduction of price, attractive packaging, etc.

When competition is aggressive. In a mature market like ours, promotion keeps the regulars while attracting loyal customers do not care.

Friend assortment has little turnover. Through the promotion, the product moves and avoiding damage or expirations.

Among the inappropriate situations include:

When the product is not good image. The promotion is not the ideal medium to correct this fact, indeed, may even worse, as the customer perceives that sell pharmacy only gets this way because of poor quality or market acceptance.

When the client is not represented in the product and covers your needs, which may prove futile investment. A promotion milks well planned and developed infant is likely to fail in a neighborhood of elderly population.

When the goal is customer loyalty. The promotion is a short-term action that does not guarantee fidelity. The promotion is promoting a trap that is easy to fall for that produces immediate results, but can eventually damage the product because it is given an artificial value that is only temporary.

When it is achieved that the team is involved in the promotion, and that much of the success depends on the staff that caters to the public at the pharmacy.

Types of promotions

The mechanisms used in sales promotion can be classified according to the type of value to the promoted product offering: price, species and other selected items, as summarized in Table II. – Wikipedia

Design of a sales promotion

Sales promotion cannot work miracles, so before going to schedule actions like this is useful to know what is possible to achieve objectives with sales promotion and what not (Table III).

The promotional campaign should be preceded by careful planning and a strategy must be developed to indicate the line to follow.

Hosting a Child for Adoption

When someone decides to adopt a child there are many things you need to consider. The adoption process is very generous but parents or the single parent need to understand that is a big responsibility and feelings of the child is the most important element. I think adoption is a good thing because it gives them a chance for a better life for children without families.

First, an agency needs to have rules when a family comes to adopt a child. The most important thing is an interview with the family to hear their qualifications. A family needs to have enough money to raise the child. Family members need to be balanced emotionally. The child must live in a good environment. Something that is important is the number of members in the family. It’s okay if there is only one parent or sibling. A child will be happy in any situation.
Califorina stepparent adoptionPhoto Credit: dependableadoption
After finding a correspondence with a child, we will proceed to the reception of the child for adoption. The amount of time between the notification of being selected as adoptive family of a child or sibling group and the physical receipt of the child or sibling group in your home depends on several factors. Just as you need time to prepare physically and emotionally for the child or sibling group, he or they also go through this process with the help of the social worker, the foster family and others.

What to do
Find out how the child will be prepared to be greeted by his family
Schedule visits to the child prior to placement for adoption
Find out what resources are available -adoption
Preparing for the child’s transition to new home and community
Welcome the child into their new home

Ready to take the next step?

Once you have received a child for adoption, post-adoption monitoring begins to lay the groundwork to legalize the adoption. Legalization usually occurs several months after receiving the child.

Find out how to prepare the child for
Received by his Top family

The National Resource Center for Adoption provides information on best practices related to preparing children to move in with her new foster family adoption program competition assessment and preparation of children and adolescents ( in English) ( PDF – 1.6 MB) . Even if you are on the other side of the equation of adoption, know and understand the importance of activities such as visits farewell biological family and other people, not only will help you to wait patiently the time of placement adoption but also will help you respond to the child’s feelings when I get it up for adoption.

Other factors such as the child’s arrival coincides with the summer holidays , the holidays this year or the end of the school semester will be issues to consider in the transition from one family to another is easier for child.

If you have any questions about the child is prepared for incorporation into new family, you may find it helpful to read our publication creating links for Life: A Guide to unite adoptive families with waiting children (PDF – 374 KB) developed for child welfare professionals on the most effective way to bring children and families on hold.

Schedule visits to the child prior to his placement top adoption
Programming prior to adoption placement of the child in his home in the foster home or at a neutral site visits is very important. When and where these are made and how many visits will vary in each case and always takes into account the age and stage of child development and family schedules, distances, and other factors.

It is important that you have an active participation, either directly or indirectly through the social worker, in planning these visits and be as flexible as possible. Ask the social worker who will bear the costs of travel, food and lodging. If you expect that these expenses will be reimbursed, if the check cannot repay by appellant adoption assistance. If the possibility of redemption, be sure to keep receipts and keep track of the costs incurred.

Previous visits are a good opportunity to interact with members of the current foster family and for valuable information such as the child’s routines and family dynamics to which the child has become accustomed. If the child has established a strong bond with the foster parents, the fact checking for a good relationship between his foster family and you can infuse the child a sense of trust towards you.

It is natural to wish you and the child knows as soon as possible. It is important to note, however, to keep the balance between a warm welcome and respect the child’s feelings and personal space. Remember that all relationships, including relationships between parents and children, take time to take hold.

With the permission of the child and social workers, keep a memory of the first visit after taking some pictures of you and your child give relevance to the occasion. These photographs will be an important book of life of the child and the album of family photographs incorporation.

Find out what resources &160; Top features -adoption

Find out what resources are available -adoption for the child, such as medical care and adoption assistance.
Adoption assistance agreement

Be sure to work closely with both their own and that assigned to the child, to make sure you understand the process of negotiating the terms of the adoption assistance social workers. Even if the child is not eligible for a monthly allowance or you continuously rejected such subsidy, we advise you to sign an adoption assistance agreement with the public agency that has legal custody of the child. This is a contract that creates legal obligations and leaves the door open to the possibility of re- negotiating the terms and amounts in certain circumstances until the child reaches the age standard (determined by the child’s home state ) that cease the benefits of adoption assistance .

Also, even if the child is not eligible for ongoing monthly subsidy or grant that you have rejected, you may be entitled to reimbursement of certain expenses related to the adoption up will vary according to the child’s home state. Although refunds will not be made until the legalization of adoption, as soon as it is notified that his family has been selected as the adoptive family, find out what you need to apply for this benefit.
Medical aid

Health care is another public benefit for qualifying the majority of children adopted from foster care. The process to obtain this benefit differs by state, as well as whether the child is adopted by a family in another state. Learn more about post-adoption resources that might be available for your adopted child.
Tax credits and benefits employers

As an adoptive parent, you may be eligible to receive other public benefits, such as tax credits, either federal or state. Learn about the federal adoption tax credit as it applies to the adoption of children from foster care in the United States. Ask your social worker if your state offers a tax credit for adoption, and if applicable, find out how and when to apply.

Some employers offer benefits to employees who adopt. These benefits may include paid or unpaid leave for the new parent, and in some cases, financial assistance to help cover some of the costs of adoption. Find out workplaces more conducive to the adoption of 2011 (in English) published by Thomas Foundation for Adoption and converse with the human resources department of your employer to find out what they can offer .

Preparing for the child’s transition to the new
Home and Top Community &160;

Prepare home

At this point, I would definitely have devoted a lot of time to think about where in your home the child will sleep and you may have already started to prepare it. While having prepared the space and you are ready to receive it can convey a message of warm welcome, by age of the child, it may be appropriate to do so to participate in the election of certain elements, or at least find out what things you like , what are your favorite colors to integrate into that space.

This is also the time to perform all the necessary modifications to the house so that it is accessible to the child if you have any motor or sensory disabilities.
Medical needs and treatment

If you live in the same community as the child that you have to take, you should consider whether it would be beneficial for the child to continue with the same doctor, dentist and other health professionals and treatment, or call in the pros attending their family. This is an issue that must deal with the social worker assigned to the child. Of course, if your home is far from the place where the child currently lives, maybe I should look professional near you and coordinate with the child’s caseworker transfer of medical records of the child.
Planning school activities and other extracurricular activities

Be sure to find out if your child has an Individualized Education Plan (IEP, for its acronym in English) and if so, try to access the plan. You should also make sure that the social worker assigned to the child making the transfer of school records of the child. If the child must change community must collaborate both with their social worker assigned to the child as to identify and provide for its incorporation into a school and an educational program that meets the needs of the child.

Remember to talk to the child and the social worker assigned to him on any special interests you may have and other activities such as sports, scouting groups, music, you want to participate or participate. Help the child to establish social relationships in the first stage of the adoption will help to integrate the new family and community. If written on the activities and interests of the child’s profile information is insufficient, take pre- adoption to explore the interests of the child with him, with the social worker and the foster parent visits.

Welcoming your new child and Top Home

Welcome Day

Finally, the day came to welcome the child. This marks a beginning and an end, as all major transitions, there is no single recipe to address this event. It is a very important day that will be celebrated year after year, so how you choose to capture and remember your family and new child is something that should be carefully considered. The time spent on pre- adoption for the child that you have to take visits will allow you to get an idea of what to do to welcome a meaningful and positive experience.

If you have been keeping a diary of the adoption process (and even if not done), writing a letter to your new child to describe the day and your feelings about it, and then save it to share it on anniversaries of this day or other special occasions , it will be meaningful to you and your adopted child . The videos or pictures are another way to capture this event. If you have other children, even when they are older and do not live with you, your participation in planning is important, as important as including the child in it, taking into account their age and developmental level.
The period of the “honeymoon”

The first few weeks or months after the arrival of the child are often called “honeymoon” of adoption. Generally, but not always, this period is characterized by impeccable behavior of all family members. Sometimes, among the other children in the family, there may be expressions of resentment when you think everything should be joy and goodwill. It is important to pay attention, talk and take into account the feelings of each of the family members. Remember that the inclusion of a new person in the family constellation means that all family relationships suffer a change. The greater participation has been better prepared family members be easier and they will consider this event as a natural part of the life cycle of the family.

One aspect that often surprises adoptive families is shyness, withdrawal or sudden skepticism regarding child placement for adoption. Especially older children who have experienced several changes of foster families have every reason to doubt that this is his last and final home and family. It is important not to take this personally reaction towards you. Make sure the child to have a neutral third party, such as the social worker assigned to you or a counselor to share their feelings.

Whether it continues for a few months or weeks, the honeymoon eventually ends, sometimes when you least expect it. Part of the task of developing their adopted son is testing the limits, “where is the limit of what I can do without my family changed again?” It is not against you but the impact their life experiences have had on him. Children who go through the foster care system often experience changes in family for reasons that have nothing to do with them. However, they may believe that these changes themselves were at fault. Understanding this will help you respond with patience and compassion when the child will make a scene or try to challenge the limits. With any luck at this point and will be developed relationships with other adoptive parents with some experience in the process, this is the time to seek advice and support.
Monitoring period post-adoption

From the time you get to the adopted child at home until the legalization of adoption by the judge, the social worker assigned to the child or his representative is obliged to visit and talk with the child and with you at least once every 30 days. This step is usually called -adoption monitoring period. It is important for you to make time in your schedule for these visits by the social worker and actively participate. This is because, to the legalization of adoption, the child’s agency is responsible for ensuring that their needs for safety, permanency and well-being are met. Reports that the social worker prepares for the judge include an assessment to determine the desirability of legalizing adoption. While you may consult by phone to social workers are allocated to you and your child during this period allocation for adoption, visits every 30 days are an excellent opportunity to discuss and clarify any questions that may arise on next steps in the adoption process.

It is natural to proceed with caution and expresses doubts that even during the post-adoption supervision. Use the support system for the adoption you created during this path as an advisory council to raise any prior concern to legalization that may arise, will help to distinguish natural feelings in the circumstances of those that might indicate the desirability of delaying legalization. Almost all children placed for adoption from foster care end up in the legalization of adoption because you, social workers from his family and the child, and the judge with jurisdiction over the child acted sensibly and professionalism, and shared openly information throughout the process.

Ready to take the next step?

Once you have received child for adoption, post-adoption monitoring begins to lay the groundwork to legalize the adoption. Legalization usually occurs several months after receiving the child.

Adoption: Understanding Adopted Children

1. Introduction

During the past 100 years, adoption has grown from a family business practice, has become a problem, medical and legal partner has triggered interest from different disciplines to develop research regarding its practitioners (adopters), sequelae of child victims of abuse and emotional costs , cognitive and economic level.
Initially concentrated forces to children abandoned by their mothers by economic problems, homeless and destitute children who were homeless, so juvenile reformatories and orphanages for these children in order to contribute to their moral development were created.
Lindsay understands Madonna's adoptions
Photo Credit: AIEF0710
Thus the concern is not so much like in the immediate suffering of children, but rather, a negative long-term impact that moral level could lead these children to not respect the rule when were adults .
We must also take into account that some of these adopted children are the result of abduction or child trafficking, especially with different racial characteristics, which can easily be identified by the environment in which the child develops.
The adoption of children in Spain has increased exponentially in recent years standing at the highest rates in the world second only to those produced in the United States.
China is the main source of adopted children, Followers Russia, Ukraine, Colombia, Peru, India, Kazijistán, Nepal, Ethiopia, among others.
These children are fortunate to be greeted by welcoming families with a high motivation to have children and who often have emotional and financial resources to care for them. What we often do not have the adoptive parents is specific information about the symptoms and behaviors that are common in these children and how to help them.

Every child comes with its own history and personal experiences. Depending on the age of adoption, you may have gone through various institutions, foster care, etc. All this at an early age often involves the inability to establish appropriate links and therefore are susceptible to certain emotional and behavioral characteristics that must be known.

On this page we will try to explain the peculiarities of this people, their needs and how to support them in all their maturation and integration, first in the host family and then in their new social environment.

2 – The various factors

As with most children, any adopted child presents a series of cognitive, intellectual and emotional features that are a direct result of a number of factors both internal and external, some of them beyond our control, other well known and controllable.

In general we can say that the way to adapt, develop and act against the family and social environment is determined by the following factors:
a) Genetic Factors, Hereditary

Today, increasingly, we know the complex genetic system that allows the transmission of certain phenotypic characteristics and personality. We could say that our particular code and predisposes us to have a certain personality traits, intelligence, etc. in interaction with the outside world and the different experiences forge our way of being and relating.
One of the uncertainties that can have an adopted child, especially those who come from distant countries with few resources, is the lack of information or lack of family history of the child. I mean, if there was a history of mental health or family risk factors in parents (substance abuse, etc.). Ignoring these data involves the risk of ignoring genetic transmission of pathologies that are unaware and therefore unable to take preventive measures in time.
This is not to dismiss those children with problems of this type, but rather, to know the reality of it to accept their condition and start working on it. Adoptive parents need to know all the available information about the child and his family and, in turn, decide whether they are prepared to welcome a child with special educational needs or a genetic problem.
b) Medical Problems

The illnesses suffered by the child or their evolutionary history are often more available in the various reports that provide the authorities of each country. Similarly, health status at the time of adoption can be accessed through a pediatric examination.

It is important to know the existence of potential problems as early pregnancy of biological mother (infections, exposure to teratogens, abuse substances, alcohol, etc.) since they may produce not always detectable congenital malformations or patterns of atypical behavior in childhood.

Part of adopted children may come from dysfunctional families with a history of substance abuse, alcohol and abuse. Fetal alcohol syndrome is one of the disorders that can occur in this area and need to assess risk population.
c) Life experiences

Previous history of adoption (bonding possibilities)

Psychologically it is the most decisive factor in the future conduct of the adopted child are called linkage problems that in some cases, result in disorders link.
At present , there is no doubt that the psychological health of children from an early age , is greatly influenced by the quality and frequency of interpersonal relationships that human contexts provide them from the moment of his birth and even before this .
Of these first relationships, there is what we call “attachment” and that is one of the basic supports to structure a healthy personality.

The attachment (or bonding) is a special relationship that the child establishes a small number of people, usually with the biological parents, especially the mother and unites them prior loop that was built during the pregnancy and that genetically determined as a method to ensure the survival of the child.
Children who were institutionalized before the three years in shelters or passed through several families, it is very likely that they have not had the opportunity to have established during the critical stages, this entails the development of a peculiar psychological profile than later expose.

The age of adoption

In general we can say that the adoption process should be made as soon as possible to eliminate risk factors. As the adopted child is older has more emotional baggage behind, especially if you have already been linked to various people or institutions.

Adopting a baby means the ability to start early establishment of bonding and therefore minimize significant risks. The children are not aware of his situation and have time to explain RIEF.
Between 2 and 5 years, children have already begun to use the language and to record their emotional memory intuit all relevant events. It depends on the affection and the possibilities of stimulation received his current psychological state.
At this age children are mostly aware that starting a new life. Many of them tend to react to the achievement of certain parents for wanting to forget and erase everything that has to do with his past. Thus, if you are from other countries, they can avoid at first contact with compatriots or objects that remind the country of origin.

As age goes up making the accumulated charge can hinder vital relationships with new parents as part of the accumulated emotional pain can express them and go against them. For this type of adoption (children over 7 or 8 years) may be advisable monitoring by a professional child psychology during the initial adaptation process.

Other important factors

In understanding the adopted child will also need to assess important aspects such as parental educational styles.
According to various studies conducted, best educational style is what we call democratic versus authoritarian or permissive. This is also valid for the adopted child.
This style is characterized by the requirement of principles or shared by family members, a clear structure of the rules and the limits, but combined with a great contribution and affective communication to children.
It also plays an important role as the expectations of both affective developments that parents are created on the new child. Expectations too high may encounter a different reality and thwart certain extent, their longings.

Another important rating factor is what is called Resilience.
We could define this factor as: “The ability of an individual or a group to thrive, to continue projecting in the future despite the destabilizing events of hardship and trauma sometimes serious” (Manciaux and others, 2003).
In short, resilience is an attitude towards life, a way to grow and develop effectively facing adversity and therefore potential hope that helps people recover from complex situations.
This concept of resilience is applicable to both parents and children. In recent would be the result of emotional, educational and socializing contributions, their parents or other adults has been able to offer.

Adopted children, as mentioned, usually carry, in many cases, what we call problems early bonding. This makes them much more vulnerable emotionally to deal with unexpected changes, particularly those involving the possible loss or range of current attachment figures. The arrival of a new sibling, parental separation, including changes of school, teacher or city can reawaken in them certain emotional alarms that may present with emotional destabilization and maladaptive behaviors.

Finally note that other factors such as culture or social and economic status of the family may be important in the adaptation and performance of the adopted child.
A culturally appropriate means understanding or finding the peculiarities of the new child as well as the economic level involves access to private resources when they are not available at the public level.
3 – Common Manifestations of the adopted child

The features below are set do not occur in all children but to make a set of common symptoms in this population. Also the intensity or shapes that can take depend on the particular characteristics of the child and its history.
a) First reactions after adoption

The acquired bad habits (hygiene, eating, sleeping, etc) which should gradually change correct.
Insecurity, fear – Fear of other people. Rejection of a family member Coy about its origin. If you are from another country you may reject objects or people that remind you of your origin.
Need to constantly be with the adoptive parents. Behaviors to get attention from parents (even for that quarrel). Often these children constantly to test their parents in a subtle game that can be adapted from the unconditional sample form boundary transgressions affection.
Difficulty integrating into institutionalized settings (school, etc.).
Nightmares and Night Terrors accompanied occasionally shouting, with frequent waking call to parents.
In some children enuresis and encopresis episodes may occur.
A behavioral level is very frequent hyperactivity, impulsivity and attention deficit. They can punctually arise against other aggressive behavior toward him or (tantrums, screaming, biting, etc.).
Low tolerance to frustration and low self-esteem
Need to hoard or collect items. Forgetfulness frequent doubts in certain situations. They know exactly what is expected of them in certain social situations.
Finally note that in adopted children with 2 or more years from about age, and had not received sufficient attention affective stereotypes may appear, swings, irritability.

b) Disorders frequently associated

Linking disorders
The lack of early bonding, as explained, causes a lack of emotional security. This can result, as appropriate, in a form of exaggerated indiscriminate expressed towards anyone but awareness affective potential danger.
In its other aspect manifests with a passive, depressive affective response, unable to establish appropriate reference to people links. At the same time they can appear aggressive behaviors.

Learning Disabilities
Some of these children have not received adequate stimulation at critical stages of learning. This determines your ability to learn may have been limited.
This group is often delayed language acquisition and literacy problems.

Behavior Disorders
It is well documented in this population the presence of ADHD symptoms (hyperactivity, attention deficit, impulsivity). Clearly, in these cases, the symptoms would not be so linked to a neurological profile but would obey basically causes emotional and reactive type, although there may be components of both parties to accentuate the problem.

We can also meet with disobedient, defiant and / or aggressive behavior.

4 – Common reactions parents
Parents, at times, may feel disoriented and overwhelmed by reactions and behaviors that do not quite understand. Generally, most of these behaviors must be understood in emotional key. We have already explained that one of the characteristics of adopted children is constantly putting approves the unconditional love of his parents. This can make it through the transgression of the limits established by the family and creating an uneasiness or frustration at parents. In response the questions and concerns arise. Among others, include:
- Disorientation. It calls into question their ability to control the situation and if the methods are appropriate. Discrepancies between the couple or mutual recriminations trying to find the best solution may occur.
- Guilt. Some parents feel great remorse when they punish the child. Also doubts about the intensity or frequency of the punishment must be applied are presented.
-Overflow. Usually feelings of hopelessness and fatigue around two fundamental and closely associated factors are described.
The first is emotional and is manifested by the constant need for physical contact, to receive tokens of affection, to ensure, ultimately, an emotional closeness to strengthen their own security.
The second refers to behavioral aspects such as handling difficult hyperactivity, attention deficit, impulsivity, temper tantrums, low frustration tolerance, relationship problems with siblings (if any), etc.
- Problems in couples. As a result of the factors described above, the couple can see significantly altered their daily lives and see frustrated in a sense their expectations for adoption. Normally, with the right advice, agreed joint strategies and being able to understand these children emotionally key things improve substantially.

5 – General Guidance for Parents
We have set out on this page that the behavior and personality of each child is different, depending on many factors both internal and external. For adopted children also become important prior to the adoption story, and their chances of early bonding as key elements to ensure affective and emotional stability.

Considering all these factors, here are some general guidelines to help parents understand, regulate and normalize those behaviors or emotions that are likely to improve in the family.
1. Many of the behaviors the child must understand emotional key. So not only correction is to change external behaviors manifested but also work originated emotional base.
2. The child and family need time to adapt to each other. Setbacks and difficulties are part of a natural process that will improve if we know the characteristics of these children and how to act.
3. We must be clear in setting boundaries and fulfilling when we establish punishments, but, likewise, know give real emotional support dedicating the necessary time.
4. Faced with disruptive behaviors (Tantrums, disobedience, etc.) we can apply traditional methods of behavior modification as time out or the cost of the response (withdrawal of a privilege to play, watch TV etc.). However, it is important to note some details on your application within this group:
1 – First of disruptive episodes, not raising his voice, no load too nervous which could mean a worsening of things. Nor anything tries to reason with child at the time. Stick to remove the child from the stage (where possible) or the parents letting her withdraw only temporarily.
2 – Let her know that you are disappointed with your behavior (not with him) and that makes me sad parents. What it is to make a physical and emotional distance from the child momentarily. The idea is that if he wants to get our attention or to prove ourselves is not going to get by this means and should correct them. The child will learn and internalize these patterns but can take some time. Many of these behaviors are due to unconscious and out of the child’s voluntary control mechanisms.
3 – Arguments with our children about their emotions and behaviors should always be cold, in quiet moments. With smaller stories that will help us act out similar situations that try to control.

Obviously not enough to know control behavior, we must adopt appropriate measures to enhance the bonding within the family measures. In this regard we recommend reading our page working bonding with our children.

Boosting a good bonding always involves establishing effective communication channels. In this regard it is important:

Take seriously each question and provide a clear and understandable response to his age. We can help with examples of people or situations that the child knows and familiar to them.

Learning to express emotions and feelings:
It is very important to encourage the expression and communication of emotions. As the child is able to verbalize their feelings will reduce fears, your self-esteem will increase and decrease the maladaptive behaviors.
One way to do that is dedicated to creating spaces about them. On our website: Emotional Diary a tool that can be useful in these cases is exposed.

Tell the truth. Explain its origin:
In children adopted with only months to live will not have memories of the past and from the three years depending on the degree of maturity of the child, you may begin to ask questions. We must avoid the risk that you get information from other sources, in particular, just when you start to go to school and therefore we explain its origin. This should be done gradually, very naturally, avoiding the painful details.
It is very important to convey that he was always very desirable and even grew in another tummy; current popes were waiting to be all happy. -Wikipedia
In any case it is recommended that the adoption disclosure is made before 6 years.

For children from other cultures or countries, you need to go to work a positive memory of it, especially with children over 7 or 8 years. It seeks to integrate its past with respect to its origins and present. This can help you form a more stable and confident personality.

The Importance of Eco Travel Destinations

The awareness of the real need on the part of all citizens to take care of nature and protect the Earth’s resources, they begin to be in a situation of scarcity, is certainly growing.

Thus, both the institutional and state level and individual behaviors in reference to the environment began to be very different from those they were years ago , which is crucial not only to improve the quality of life of citizens in the present, but to make a good natural legacy for future generations of humans who inhabit the planet .

Week 8/52 - Eco Travel

Photo Credit: P Lawrence

Sustainable eco- tourism is low impact tourism on the environment and local culture, while helping to generate income and employment for local people.

This ecology has taken a significant leap from very concrete and specific behaviors of a minority, to much more widespread, especially noticeable in regard to areas of economic activity historically unconcerned with environmental protection.

In this respect we find that tourism , one of the sectors with the highest injury have exerted on the Earth through infrastructure construction or uncontrolled exploitation through numerous habitats tourist tours begin to retrain through new systems that balance profit to the protection of nature.

The so-called eco- sustainable tourism comes into play precisely at this time to educate businesses and individuals about the need to raise travel differently, especially when it comes to visiting ecologically rich areas, as with Jarabacoa, a natural beauty unmatched in the Dominican Republic.

Despite the importance of institutions and companies in the care of the environment, all the experts say that few things are more protective nature than individual habits of tourists. Thus, already looking movement through travel agents or online ads, include some basic tips when tourists become environmentally:

Find out before you travel. Find information on native populations and habitats before moving, such as the need to maintain protected waterfalls of Jarabacoa , not only get to be gained in awareness of the need for their care , but also provide specific information on how to do it besides getting to mentally be more respectful of the values ? Of those who reside in the area. Change is hosting. When searching for apartment to spend the rest days instead of lodging in major hotel chains not only be helping to spread the benefit of your stay more balanced in Jarabacoa or any place you visit , but also will show a large construction many tourists prioritize one type of construction to stay more respectful of the environment.

Opt for clean transport. Avoid further and waste gas generation is possible if you choose public transport for moving on vacation, it will emit less gases that several private cars and opting to rent bikes to get around towns and cities .

Recycle and generates little waste. Encourage the natural environment and their care is easier if in addition to not generate a lot of waste is always obtained information about recycling used it through the institutions responsible for such an undertaking. Moderate energy consumption Spending more control water and electricity will get a decrease in excessive spending Earth’s energy resources. Something simple to achieve with acts always as simple as turning off lights when leaving a room, or prioritize the shower front bathroom which always consume more liters of water.

The roads are full of vehicles occupied by one person. Which obviously is a waste of fuel CO2 emissions increased, full tracks, the stalls, and also can be tad boring? So , a few Internet companies want to use one of the most virtuous : contacting people with the same needs , in this case traveling , and also contribute daily to care a bit the atmosphere , as our heroes seem not agree on the summits for this purpose , see the latest in Durban. These are websites and social networks to share car on road trips of any length, as Blab, I drive or Share ling. Is car pooling and is part of what has been called collaborative consumption.

Is looking for a vehicle or offering himself, always specifying the date, the starting point and the destination?

Operation is simple. First arises the (OR) problems: one has to travel somewhere and either cannot drive or do not have a car, or have a car but cannot pay the tolls and petrol. Or just bored traveling alone and want to talk or meet people. The solution to all this is the same: get on the web and provide the vehicle itself or find one outside, always specifying the date, the starting point and the destination point.  for example , the website itself provides an estimate of travel expenses may be varied upwards or downwards by the advertiser , considering the extra features offered by your vehicle, or its availability to depart or leave you in the same your door .

As an example : a trip from Madrid to Oviedo on December 23 , the day before Christmas Eve , you can go on this site between 21 and 33 dollars , depending on the driver . The bus trip line, the company offers ALSA, departs between 32.44 and 51.26 dollars depending on normal or above category. Renfe train, the trip comes out to about 50 dollars. So it is true, this method is cheaper. Apparently a user to do 40 miles a day and alternate the use of your car with other users can save about 2,000 dollars a year according to company estimates.


But not only have that mattered. “Many people use this service to save, and it makes sense given the economic situation, but it is also important to begin to use for environmental protection. The citizens we have to be smarter mobility issues,” explains Vincent Rosso, director in Spain of Bla, the system they define as” eco- mobility solution efficiently.” The company was founded in France for seven years and has two in Spain. Being in three countries, also United Kingdom (although each with different names), collecting about 1.5 million users, promotes international connections. They believe that, if there are 1.2 passengers per car, as the Directorate General of Traffic, on dates as Operation Output, circulating ghostly about 130 million empty seats on Spanish roads. On their website they explain that with this method have already saved more than 200,000 tons of CO2 discharged into the environment.

Following a few tips can significantly reduce the environmental impact of travel and stay in the destination

Traveling can be a very harmful activity to the environment if you do not take the necessary measures. Pollutant emissions of greenhouse gases from vehicles or airplanes, production and abandonment of waste in the environment, or damage to natural ecosystems can be avoided or reduced with the implementation of some environmental tips. The friendly travel environment, as well as a good alternative for those who are tired of the conventional mass tourism, offering a pleasant and in harmony with the environment, allowing know the culture, customs, cuisine and traditions of local populations.

Reduce pollution in the displacement

Road transport is the sector that has increased its emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2), the main greenhouse gas. According to the Metropolitan Mobility Observatory, under the Ministry of Environment, the growth of total greenhouse emissions in Spain is mainly for carrying passengers and goods by road, where demand is growing faster than energy efficiency. 1 liter of fuel burns implies emission of 2.3 kg. Of CO2 to the atmosphere

In this sense, remember Ecologists in Action burning 1 liter of fuel is the emission of 2.3 kg. Of CO2 to the atmosphere. Therefore advise when making a move using the bus or train, or in general, any means to avoid the private car, more so when most of the times are typically used by a single occupant. With proper planning, public transportation can take us to our destination in a green, cheap and sustainable.

Likewise, an environmentally friendly and healthy to travel, especially in the summer holidays, is the bicycle. The practice of cycling allows its users to enjoy the scenery, natural reach places inaccessible to a car, set the pace that suits everyone, and ultimately, prevents the emission of polluting gases. For example, a bike path which is becoming more popular is the Camino de Santiago.

Finally, if you opt for the car, a good option to reduce possible contamination is to use a hybrid car (half electric half gasoline) or one prepared to consume biodiesel. The consumer may also, at the time of purchase or lease a vehicle, require the same energy rating to see if it is a more or less polluting. And once on the road, we need to know a few simple tips on efficient driving, as well inflate wheels, maintaining an appropriate speed, not to abuse the climate, etc. , Which will help save on fuel , and therefore reduce emissions.

As for the use of the plane, remember that it is also an important source of emissions of greenhouse gases, so far as possible it is advisable to moderate your usage, looking for other alternatives.

In any case, consumers can offset the amount of polluting gases produced when traveling in such transport. For this, various initiatives, such as the association Ekopass, to calculate these emissions and offset them by renewable energy, energy efficiency and carbon sinks.

Vacation without leaving home

If you travel by car or plane is a way to contribute to polluting the environment, you can do without them taking a “vacation home”. In this sense, with the money saved on travel, consumers can be entertained in their own city with parks, museums, cultural activities, restaurants, etc., Harder to enjoy during the rest of the year. In some cases, you can even discover unknown corners, becoming a tourist in your own city.


Also, an option that is increasingly gaining more followers is called “Slow Travel “, especially suitable for consumers tired of the tourist packages that challenge to visit ” 10 cities in 10 days.”

Eco tourism

Lately it has become fashionable eco-tourism, although many people were unaware those 20 years ago and had its period of success. Doing activities that do not harm the environment is the main objective of this type of tourism, as well as being icon lets you enjoy the wonderful nature that we have.

Many features are common ecotourism with adventure, but really not the same, because here the aim is to educate people about how bad we treat our environment on many occasions, and proposed activities that help keep much better and at the same time are funs. Notes busting tips for ecotourism:

- There is no place in particular set to become an eco-tourist, you can begin to travel in transport that does not pollute the environment and if you fly that is not a very long flight.

- Choose natural destinations in that you will not consume electricity, such as stepping out site. Yes, that is one tent and a small fire every night, because if you go to a cabin also is consuming electricity.

- Would you be able to do without moving all your vacation? Not only would avoid waves transmit your phone for a few days but in the end what you thank surely, is that a few days without knowing the outside world are great.

- Perform activities to keep you in touch with nature, such as horseback riding, canoeing and hiking. With any of them discover the wonderful scenery there and learn to value them more. – Wikipedia

In case you have any doubt, the International Ecotourism Society offers plenty of alternatives to traditional travel worldwide have centers that can help you plan your Eco vacation.

Fire Safety at Home, Some Helpful Tips

The most common culprit of fires are technical defects and nature (ie washing machines), lightning, flames (mainly by children playing with lighters), overheating, and even an arson fire sometimes. Such fires cause immeasurable damage without the proper safety measures such as smoke detectors. Well here are some tips from the Las Vegas fire protection to make certain you’ve got the proper safety measures prepared and ready.

24/365 - 10/21/09 [365 Days @ 50mm] - Fire Extinguisher

Nearly all fire deaths do not come through the fire, but because of choking on the poisonous fumes that arise during the fire. And approx. 70% have an accident at night in their homes. During the day, a fire can often be discovered quickly, at night when you’re sleeping in bed, so is your sense of smell, so the victims are surprised not noticing the fire often until it is too late.

There remains a maximum time table of 3 minutes to safely leave the house in case of fire. Smoke inhalation may already after 2 minutes be fatal. The sooner fires are detected, the easier and more effective is for the fire fighters and the lower the risk is for the residents and their property. Preventive measures can prevent fires in the home, but not entirely prevent. Each fire is due to the variety of combustible materials, its own chemical processes and operations.

  • Have smoke detectors ready: One in each hallway per floor, in each bedroom & living room. When buying them review: VDS, ISO, GS mark should be available!
  • Make certain you have a fire extinguisher in the car as well.
  • Do not rely on neighbors or pets to notice the fire for you!

Fire protection products are available in almost any hardware store.

Should it come to a fire!

  1. Keep calm, do not panic!
  2. Leave all other persons with the fastest apartment / house.
  3. Proceed with heavy smoke and crouched close to the ground!
  4. Keep doors and windows closed burning rooms to prevent the spread!
  5. Call the fire department to quickly and provide the name, address, where / what is on fire! 5 “W” questions when EMERGENCY : Where did it happen? (Name, place, street and house number, possibly floor) What happened? (What is burning, how far it has already expanded) How many injured? (Number, people are still missing) What injuries? (Severely or slightly wounded; nature of the injuries) Wait for questions! (The control center to answer all questions)

Photo Credit: Shardayyy

100 years powder extinguisher

100 years ago, the “International Fire Society” presented the first “quick-dry fire extinguisher.” Since then, the useful devices have deleted countless fires and saved lives. Seeing these things when looking for some Las Vegas fire extinguishers, I realized that we are so lucky  to live when we do, to have witnessed so many lives being spared because of health policy’s like these.

Fire Extinguisher

For dangerous situations

Of course, technology and applications of fire extinguishers have evolved since then. Fire Class A, B, C or D: If it is necessary to extinguish a fire in the formation, so it in the traditional sense of the word gets tough, we take for granted the distinctive red-steel cylinders. In restaurant kitchens, workshops, offices, fire extinguishers are mandatory – and many people do not want to do without them even in private homes.

Extinguish fire – but how?

But it was fiddled long. For since man handled with fire, it is always produced the same question: How do I get it out again? Among the classics of fire fighting equipment should include water. That the element of water is contrary to the element of fire, our ancestors already knew thousands of years ago. At hand they had not yet. Hand spraying of water on glass beads, to chemical substances, to water vapor apparatuses were their inventions, and were sometimes less than successful.

Operating principles of modern fire extinguishers

Today there are a variety of mobile fire extinguishers for different applications and fire ratings. When the foam extinguisher extinguishing effect is based, for example, that the foam forms a stable re-ignition of the fire retardant film and suffocated. Also CO 2 extinguishers have a suffocating effect. However, the mechanism of action is different: Since carbon dioxide is about 1.5 times heavier than air, it spreads from the floor above the fire and prevents the access of oxygen. The quenching effect of modern chemical powder is due to the anti-catalytic activity of the powder to the combustion process.

Let us hope that our fire extinguisher technology continues to progress and additional health policy’s are created to increase the safety of our children and their children.

Photo Credit: Sang Valte

More infertility due to the economic crisis

The deep recession in which we find ourselves in over four years, has many effects on our lives. Most are evident with the professional and financial issues that abound. But there are more personal effects such as stress, depression and anxiety. In the intimate area these relationship problems correlate and even cause infertilityThese results are from researchers at the Sant Joan Hospital of Alicante, which have found that the economic situation worse fertility problems. The reason for this lies both in the professional and financial stress under which we suffer, and are increasingly becoming everyday worries, especially when analyzing the costs such as egg freezing costsThese factors are attacking both the female and male fertility. According to the opinion of various experts in the industrialized countries have lifestyle and quality led to a loss of quality of sperm in the industrialized countries.

Jonathan & Bridget + Love Story

Also the pollution damages the male germ cells. Thus a much lower quality of sperm was measured as in other areas in industrial areas. In addition, the socio-economic circumstances have meant that many women still continue to move the maternity age backwards, which the probability fertility problems in addition to suffering increased.

 Although the fertility remains constant over the world and we are just as fertile as ten years ago, according to recent publications of the WHO, the number of couples seeking a fertility clinic visit, rose sharply. One of the reasons for the increased demand for artificial insemination is certainly the changing attitudes towards fertility problems. This means that in Spain, the leading country for egg donation , more and more young couples visit a fertility clinic if they feel that they might have a problem.

We have seen the affects on our personal lives that this great recession has had, now it’s beginning to be see in the ramifications for our families. There are so many other factors that are causing the decrease, in particular is the cost of doing infertility treatments when working for a fertility clinic. There are many who simply cannot afford to pay the costs required to undergo treatment. So as we analyze some of the reasons we hope our economic troubles subside, let us not dismiss the or discount the reproductive health issues this has cause. Hopefully things will get better and this will be an issue from the past shortly.

Photo Credit: Josh Liba